Gallery Writeup: Interactive Authoring

On the days of December 10th and 11th, 2016, I had went over to Alfred University’s Ceramic Art Museum to view the featured gallery. The title of said gallery was “Core Sample, Selections from the Permanent Collection”. The entire gallery has no real theme for the collection, simply a large assortment of pieces from different times and places. A general similarity between most of the pieces was the use of ceramics in most pieces.

While most of the pieces on display had a similar ceramic base, a few notable exceptions stood out quite a bit. Cello, for instance, was made of three key materials. Fired clay, unfired clay, and an actual smashed up cello (hence the name). It’s giving off the beauty that can come with destruction, as well as the pain of it. The mix of the fired and unfired clay also adds stability for the and foundation for the piece while also giving an ashen and eroded look. Another intriguing material used was in the piece Leave Your Sumptuous Grandeur and return to these rocks, where the artist used borax crystals to have an effect almost like snow adorning the statue.

One peculiar piece at the exhibit was the largest in surface area. Threshold, by Juan Miguel Santiago, is a large window shaped structure. It was made mostly out of earthenware and seems to be rather plain, but is anything but. It can be seen as any manner of objects. It can be seen as a window, a door, a wall or even individual pools. However, it could also signify something darker. The swirling effect of the glazed earth materials make it seem almost ethereal, giving off and impression of death in my mind.

Keeping a spiritual theme after viewing this gallery will not be difficult. Seeing the beautiful destruction of the cello, the crystal covered humanoids the mysteries of the veil keep things interesting for me as an artist. Although, I need to start expanding my interests as an artist in the future. I have been leaning too far towards the occult and spiritual fields instead of branching out into other topics, which has hindered me as an artist for a while.



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