Peer Critique for Aidan Wilson

Mr. Aidan Wilson is quite proficient with animating in Maya. One of his most recent works, a walking animation, contains many of the principles of animation necessary. The animation features the character of ‘Norman’, sneaking along. The movements of Norman’s shoulders and the rest of his upper body has a fantastic amount of squash and stretch, and has a realistic movement for each step. His lower half, while each step has a good arc to it, contains much less realistic movements. The character’s expression also could use a little bit of work, because while the eyes show most of the emotion, the mouth has almost no movement at all. An easy fix for the expression would be to have the mouth lessen the expression (almost as if he is gulping in fear) as he continues walking. While Aidan’s piece could use a bit more work, it is still incredibly advanced for only being in an intermediate design course.

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