3D Design and Color Final


Origami Robot: Flinch

Flinch is the last remaining Construct, a being made from the souls of humans or demons. The process of making them is a mixture of dark magic and alchemy, creating a philosopher stone. The stones are always gold in color, but the Constructs appearance depends on the personality of it’s master. Flinch, originally Axolotl, was created by the Queen of Hell, Lilith. Upon his creation, his appearance was as a Purple octahedron with red energy. However, upon realizing she was pregnant with a human’s son, she wiped Axolotl’s memory with only one memory, to take care of her son when he was discovered.

The main reasoning i have for having such a simplistic design for this “robot” is mainly due to the fact that Flinch, in the story, doesn’t due many complicated actions. His main function is to simply store information and to be a companion for the current owner. Any kind of actions that he performs would be through telekinetic abilities.


Marionette: Saor



Clay Skeleton: Basil (Fictional Titanaboa)

(extremely Rough sketches)

Final Write Up:

The most prominent reason that I have been pursuing an artistic career is due to my love of writing. For years I have enjoyed the art of creating my own world and characters, sharing them with those who want to be entertained. Seeing peoples’ reactions upon reading some of my stories has been truly rewarding. Most of the stories that I have made focus on mythical and fantasy elements such as gods, demons and magic.

My best attribute for these choices has been my ability to not hold back when it comes to the topic at hand. Nothing really bothers me enough to prevent me from writing it into a story. For example, most of the characters I create tend to be demons or angels, but with reversed roles. Angels tend to be villains aiming to destroy humanity due to arrogance, wanting to be “God’s” favorite. Demons work to defend humans due to the fact that many of them need to possess humans to walk the Earth. This acceptance of any topic allows me to be more flexible in designs, plotlines and characters.

Taking this 3D design course allowed me to further understand the shapes of objects even when viewing them in 2D. It allows me to estimate what is hidden from view in a two dimensional design or character and let’s my mind fill in the blanks to what is underneath. It also allowed me to develop my story lines and characters that I wish to animate in the future.

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