Umbris Rozul- The Cambion


Umbris Rozul is the exact opposite of what most people would expect. People expected him to be a bouncer at a bar, a thief, a murderer, even a demonic tyrant. Instead he settled for roughing up monsters, specters, demons and other creatures. Being a half demon definitely helps. He can move faster, punch harder and take more hits then any normal human can. He can even control the elements of hell and speak to snakes! However, getting to this point wasn’t easy. His own brother, Lumos, killed their father and cut off his own arm when they were twelve. His mother told him that he and Lumos were part of a massive prophecy to end the world. He even had to be hunted by a crazed draconic monk who aimed to exorcise all demons. However, Umbris and his two coworkers, Riley Cast and Sonya Caller, all fight back against the odds.


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