Journal 3: Sonya, Saor and the Draconic


Sonya Caller- Childhood friend of Umbris and a descendant of Lovecraft, Sonya was born into one of the wealthiest families in the United States. Her parents both tried to shield her from knowing of their relation to Lovecraft in order to keep out the supernatural, which they despised. This ultimately fails when Sonya became friends with Umbris, a boy who constantly sought adventure and mysteries. She eventually learned of her heritage when The pair uncovered a crypt containing a book called the Necronimicon. It began to tempt Umbris with dark magic almost immediately upon contact, but had no influence over Sonya. She read the book throughout the next week, learning how to use it’s dark magic in order to help others as well as finding out the truth of her lineage. She eventually confronted her parents and, after a heated argument, emancipated herself from them and ran away. Umbris, herself and their friend Riley all grew up together living in an orphanage, and eventually opened up their own detective agency focusing on the paranormal.


Saor- Demons tend to do either two things: Plot world domination or mess with humans. Saor does both things with great efficiency. Under the guise of a stage magician, Saor uses demonic magic to steal soul essence from mortals. His array of magic includes possession, deal making, puppeteer work and even mind control. His most devastating power is known as Borderline. He is able to control a small pocket dimension known as The Border, which is hidden underneath hours. He can open up holes between the two, shift into it, banish people to it. and store items or people there. He leads a triple life in the series: Magician, Informant and Antagonist.


Draconic: The Draconic are a race of Humanoids that were created when the god Xenon drank the blood of a dragon as an infant. Most of the Draconic are nomadic tribes that hide from humans, while there are some who have assimilated into our culture. they are able to hide their tails and pass of their scales as a “skin condition” to avoid humans knowing the truth. Most draconic are extremely adept fighters and martial artists, focusing on the True Dragon Style of martial arts. This style assimilates other forms of martial arts into one cohesive style that can destroy an unprepared opponent. Their scales also signify which tribe they belong to. Red and Gold belong to the fire tribe, Blue and Silver belong to water, White and Copper belong to Lightning, Black and green belong to venom, and Bronze and Yellow belong to Earth. their sceleras are usually the element that negates theirs. For instance, Fire tribe members would have either blue or silver eyes, due to their weakness to water. the element order is as follows

Water > Fire>Venom>Earth>Lightning>Water

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