Umbris Rozul: Canon Project Bio

Umbris Rozul 

Race: human-demon hybrid (Cambion)

Eye Color: Yellow (red when angered)

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5’9”

Age: 19

Occupation: Paranormal Detective

Birthplace: Hell, raised in New York City, Currently Lives and works in the fictional town of Hillsgate, New York

Powers: Umbrakinisis, Pyrokinisis, electrokinisis, Increased durability, strength and speed. Skilled in sword play, martial arts and firearms

Demonic heritage allows for transformations. Each transformation unlocked through varying levels of rage.

First form- Unlocked upon death of his father

Second form- unlocked after the death of his best friend

Third form- Unlocked after death of a lover

Fourth form- only unlocked if he can regain control of his mind during third form.

Weaknesses: Cocky at times and irrational. Weak to human weapons and demonic weaknesses such as iron, salt, holy water etc. Cannot be exorcised, but get knocked out if it is spoken by a powerful priest. The term glass cannon defines him, being very powerful but susceptible to damage.

Family: Damien Rozul (Father), Lumos Rozul (Half-brother/Twin), Lilith (Mother), Flinch (Companion), Satan (Technical Grandfather)

Biography: Umbris was born to the martial artist Damien Rozul and the Queen of Hell Lilith twenty years before the start of the series. He was raised by Damien, at Lilith’s request, as a normal child along with his Half Brother, Lumos. Damien taught them in different styles of Martial arts such as Aikido, Dragon style Kung fu and kenjutsu. He wanted to prepare the two for any demonic forces sent to retrieve Umbris. However, disaster struck in a more divine form.

While Umbris is the son of Lilith (current ruler of Hell), Lumos is the son of Eve (ruler of heaven). Lumos killed their father in cold blood when the pair was ten years old, saying raising two abominations was a sin. Witnessing this caused Umbris’ demonic power to be unlocked for the first time. Fueled by rage, the two fought a harsh battle of swordplay that culminated in both brothers losing an arm.

While the two lay bleeding in their apartment, Lumos is beamed away in light while Umbris is taken by a shadow. Instead of being brought to hell, he was transported to the town Hillsgate and left in the care of an orphanage run by Madame Chang, an old friend of Damien. Umbris, saddened by his brother’s betrayal and father’s death, became reclusive and rarely interacted with others. The only two people he would talk to were Madame Chang and his friend Sonya Caller.

Half a year after the incident, Lilith contacted her son in his dreams. She relayed a warning that the angels and demons would both hunt him down, including Lumos. She had a prosthetic arm created for him to prepare him for the coming hardships, informing him of a metal smith in Hillsgate who could help maintain it. Despite the gift, Umbris rebuked his demonic ties and vowed to spend his life fighting the paranormal, demonic and angelic entities that may try and hurt him and others. After awaking, Madame Chang began to help the boy train in order to keep that vow. As he grew up, he kept a research journal simply called “The Guide” explaining all of the weaknesses and abilities of the creatures he encountered. After graduating High School, he opened a Detective agency focused on solving paranormal cases that the police couldn’t solve. He received help from Sonya, a police sergeant named Devin Hopper and later a ghost-human hybrid named Riley Cast.


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