Flinch Part 2




It was not a good night. Lost my cell phone, car got towed, failed on a mission, the list kept growing as the day moved on. I nearly pulled the hair from my head in frustration multiple times. The twins, Orion and Artemis, tried to help me out but their efforts were unsuccessful. My night was just destined for mediocrity.


Until Orion finally found something of interest. A cavern hidden under the small town of Hillsgate, New York. He and his sister made a map for me to use to find it. The Whole town was build on a massive hill surrounded by a vast forest, with only one road that leads to a highway (which was six miles away). The southern half of the woods was bisected by a large gorge that housed a river. Our destination was at the farthest end of said river.


The two pointed out the cavern on the town map, hidden on the east side of the river by a crag of rocks. I groaned upon seeing them, knowing I should have brought the dynamite.


“Damn, I guess I’ll just have to use some power.”


I threw a punch at the largest rock, channeling some power into the hit. Upon impact, the boulder shattered apart, creating a cascade of stone to fall from its place. Lilith may have been a horrible mother, but her powers definitely helped out.


I peered into the crevice to find that it was not very large at all. In fact, it only had enough space for about ten people to stand comfortably. It was covered in black stone etched with demonic markings, however I could only make out three words in the jumbled mess.


Blood, Revive and Stone


The engravings themselves covered a pattern, a large hexagon wrapped in a circle. In the epicenter of it all was a large black stone, about the size of my head, in the shape of an octahedron. Inside of it was another, smaller black stone that had a red tinge to it. In front of the octahedron was a dusty plaque.


Cautiously, I inched forward, hand on the revolver hidden in my trench coat. I knelt closer and brushed the dust off of the plaque. It was written in more of the demonic lettering: crude, claw like markings scratched into the rusted metal.


Blood upon stone shall wake the servant

Black shall match the soul of the Master.

Born // Alc///y b// Ancients

Br// to //ide his ///d


The last two lines were cut off by claw marks that ruined the writing. I scoffed at seeing how careless the demons were. Curiosity got the best of me as I approached the stone.


“So you need a bit of blood, huh?” I bent down to inspect the stone, “Let’s see what you are.”

I pulled a dagger from my coat and drew it across my palm, letting out a slight cringe at the pain. A few droplets dripped onto the smaller stone. Nothing happened right away so I stood and wrapped my hand with a bandage, and waited. I waited for about fifteen minutes until I grew frustrated.


I turned away from the stone, “I can’t believe I was dumb enough to take the word of a demon seriously…”


I began to walk towards the entrance of the cave, annoyed at how much time I wasted. However a small voice caught my attention.


“Hello? I cannot see anything. I still have very limited power.” It whispered.


I shot back to the stone, excitement taking over. I squealed like a kid in a candy shop, “Holy gods you’re alive?!”


The small stone inside was now a blood red and began to hover inside the larger stone, which was glowing bright scarlet instead of the former black.


A pair of glowing black and orange wings sprang from the stones back half, allowing it to float up to my level.


“It appears I am, young master.” It spoke in a voice lacking any emotion, “Where am I?”


“In a tomb, under a town called Hillsgate. I was told by my… informants that there was a cavern here so I came to investigate. I saw the plaque on the ground and decided to try and revive you. I guess It worked but what’s all this talk about you being my servant?”


The little construct flew around my head as if to inspect me. It gave off a dull red glow as if pondering some things.


“My old Mistress wiped my memories in preparation for being sealed away. She told me I must serve my new master no matter what!” He said in the same monotone voice.


“Oh…” I replied, “Well what are you?”


He flew back into my face, causing me to jump back again, “I am a Construct, created using alchemy and dark magic. I don’t remember many details of my creation or who my old master is, but I have been assigned to you to guide you, provide information, and to accompany you wherever you go.”


All this information went in one ear and right out the other. All I cared about was that I had a new companion.


“What’s your name?” I asked the floating diamond.


“I- hmmm I don’t recall my own name, how unfortunate…” He started to glow dimmer at that realization. It appeared his glow was effected by his mood.


“Hmmm…” I began to think of a name for him, “I like the name Flinch for you, since you’ve made me cringe three times since we’ve met.”


“That name is acceptable if you’d like, Master Umbris.”

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