Phenakistoscopes of Ancient Greece were one of the first uses of animation in history. A simple definition for them is the predecessor of today’s GIF files. My original idea was for there to be an ace of spades to be turned over and over while a coin constantly flips in the air. This idea slowly delved into a something chaotic and irregular, which usually is the opposite of how a Phenakistoscope should be; Smooth and clean. I decided to use this to my advantage and made the animation disorderly and in discord with itself. the coin eventually turned into a revolving circle of blue, red and green while the ace turned into a square with a yellow and purple side. The blue red and green represent the three colors used in many televisions and pictures. When in movement, they blended into a grayish brown, a natural reaction for these colors when mixed. The purple and yellow represent my pride and anxiety when creating this project. Purple is a color that normally represents pride, which i felt for most of my work through out the semester. The yellow represents my anxiety for how well my work is recieved.

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