Artist’s Mind


An Artists Mind is usually seen in color, and in order to create this mosaic i used the colors that best represented how I felt at the time. The Largest factor was anxiety, which is represented by the large amounts of yellow spread along the top and other assorted places. Yellow represents another emotion besides anxiety: Happiness. My happiness had been attempting to hide how anxious I was towards the approach of Final’s week.

The matrix itself had three key shapes: Swirls, Circles and Hexagons. Most of the hexagons were colored as “cool” or “hot” color groups, trying to catch the eye of the viewer with an appearance similar to fire or water. Most of the completed circles had black filling them in to show voids in my emotions and my exhaustion from late nights of work. The swirls would usually be filled with colors that would either clash or blend solidly together to catch attention to different zones of the painting.

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