In order- Original Picture, Photoshopped Lighting, Finished Drawing.

My Initial inspiration for the design of the mask comes from fictional psychopaths’ masks. The biggest idea was the mouthguard, which was based off of the mask worn by Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs. The eye segment was initially supposed to be an eyepatch over the left eye, leaving the right eye exposed. this had almost no structure, so it turned into the visor opening for a monocular appearance, similar to cyclopses from greek and roman myths. The final appearance of the drawing has the appearance of a battle helmet from sci-fi franchises such as Marathon or Halo.

Extra piece: I came into this class as a nervous kid with very little experiance, panicking at the thought of doing art after nearly six years. Now, after this first semester, I gained some experience in drawing and sketching, but there is still much to learn. My confidence in my work is still at an all time low, mostly due to a fear of it turning to arrogance. This lack of confidence is the main hinderance that I face in this field. There is still much that I have to learn, both as an artist and as a person. The techniques that I have picked up while working in this class have become the supports to my years as an animator and as a person as a whole.

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