BioAnimals: Orlov’s Viper


Name: Orlov’s Viper

Latin name: Vipera Orlovi

Habitat: Forests on the coast of the Black Sea (when small sector)

Reasons why they are endangered: Over-collection for the pet trade as well as lack of effort to conserve the species as a whole.

Attatchment: Nanomachines embedded in the scales that improves camouflage that changes the color and texture appearance of the animal.

How this helps: The camouflage assists the serpent in hiding from both natural threats and the hands of humans trying to collect them. The camouflage changes both the color of the scales as well as their texture. If the viper was to move over tree bark, the scales would change to the exact color and texture. However, if felt, the scales still feel the same, they only appear different. This optical illusion induced by the camouflage can be a massive asset to this rare and endangered serpent.

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