glitch art write up

Glitch Art Paper

Glitch art itself is the aestheticization of digital or analog errors or bugs. Many artists use these errors in order to make beautiful compositions out of previously useless material. One such artist, Philip Stearns, creates blankets and rugs from these designs as well as images. One of his types of pieces is known as the DCP Series of images. It involves directly corrupting the circuitry of kodaks to produce colored lines that represent the data created as you take a picture. It takes us into the “the mind” of the camera during that short time. Another type of Stearns work, Apeiron/Peras is made using a series of video and sound compositions using a synthesizer connected to feedback paths. These compositions navigate sonic and visiual landscapes to form the colorful images seen in the pieces. Glitch art is probably one of the more interesting ways of creating an abstract piece due to how chaotic the results are. They usually end up without much form and simply with either blobs or lines of color. Most of them have bright neon effect that catches the attention of the viewer and holds it until they understand it. This simple yet effective way of creating these portraits is what makes this art style so interesting.

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