Demons of the Labyrinth Tree

Everyone has their demons

The key element to this piece is in the color effects used in the background and with the framing. Purple, as a color, can mean many things ranging from power to peace. Most treat dark purples (such as violet) as sinister and ominous colors to be used in making an art piece more disturbing. It is used to revolve around the word ‘demon’, which is a type of being that seeks more power. However the purple also ties in a sense of peace, as if the viewer is coming to terms with their inner demons. The tree itself was blurred and distorted to look hand drawn as well as gaining a red tint in the leaves. However these darker colors require a shining light to reveal the focus to the audience. The picture of the labyrinth tree is outlined in a white glow effect to make the piece stand out. I highlight the caption with a light gold to compliment the dark purple background. The lighter colors creating the glow effect was what truly brings out the purpose of the peace; revealing the demons in everyones heart and that anyone can overcome them.

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