Project 3: Abstraction


Abstract’s exact meaning is existing in thought and idea but having no physical or concrete shape. My original goal was to have the background look as if it was an ocean, with bright blue waved lines as an almost oceanic look. However, this plan could not get the desired effect, and the wave pattern drew too much attention to itself. Upon noticing this, I swapped to a dreamscape theme using a light lavender as the background color and having my artwork grayscale and transparent. The lavender was meant to represent the neutral ground between the blue and red stripes running along the piece. The transparency made it appear as though it was an afterthought, not completely present in my mind, but was opaque enough to still be present in the picture. “No material is wholly transparent. Ripples disturb the transparency of water, while air becomes thick with smoke or haze.” There couldn’t be too much transparency, only the perfect amount to give in that elusive feeling. The patterns over the two photographs brought out the main focus of the piece, the College itself.

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