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Flip book Animation Write Up

Ub Iwerks was the original talent behind the works of Disney. He created the designs for Mickey, Minnie, Pete and other characters of Disney. He was the lead animator for Steamboat Willie, The Skeleton Dance and several other shorts for Disney corporation. However, after being hired by Pat Powers, Iwerks developed his own characters, including Flip the Frog and Willie the Whopper. Examples of shorts with these two characters include Hells Fire, The Village Barber and Fiddlesticks (which included a parody of Mickey Mouse). The easiest thing to imitate with his work are the eyes of the characters. They are simply circles with an eighth missing from it, similar to drawing Pacman. I only had one area of fluid movement with my character, Walter the Wraith. Between frames fifty and fifty-seven, the tower creating Walters song breaks and falls on top of him, which actually ended up looking incredibly smooth. However, actually approaching the tower was rather choppy when it came out on video, and definitely needs improvements. Walter himself I had originally planned to look a bit like Flip the Frog, but had difficulty drawing legs. I decided to cut out the legs entirely and go for a shifting look, as if his lower half was made of mist. The fact that all of the drawings had to be consistent was the biggest difficulty while creating it, especially when an object moved. I eventually realized I could position the card ahead of the other image to create the effect of the object moving. A point that may seem a bit ambiguous is when Walter starts dancing. Since he is a ghost without legs, all I could use for dancing was his arms and facial expressions. The squiggles seen next to him are his arms in dance like movements. To add a shocked expression, I had the spectral character look at the tower in confusion, realizing it was moving, and then have his eyes pop when it falls. The whole idea behind the growing tower of music is actually a mistake. It was supposed to be a record player that would jump when he got too close. As I drew each frame I noticed that I kept having it grow taller in each frame. I decided to keep this as the main point to the stories plot, and to have it eventually fall on top of Walter to show he is a ghost.


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