Lines, Points and Plane



Peter Ciliberti

First Artist Statement

This year of college
is the first time that I have ever been serious about artwork. I had taken art classes in middle school but never pursued it since then. I have a rather shaky hand whenever I decided to draw or paint so I never had much confidence in my art, and upon realizing I needed to do artwork in college I began to panic slightly. This first project in Visual Communications sounded easy at first, until my professor informed the class that we needed to make a drawn interpretation. At the time I had to suppress a groan due to my inevitable failure in
this class. I completed the three dimensional portion of the project with practically no difficulties. I practiced drawing a self portrait of myself sitting at a desk, book open, struggling to write. The theme of my project was “Writer’s Block”, which is a common condition for inexperienced writers. Writers block always infuriated me, since I would feel the effects after finding new inspiration. I searched the web for a picture of writers block so I could have a reference on positioning my character. I tried three times on regular note paper, an
d was unhappy with all three attempts. However, I stuck with
the design for the final copy and finally found a way to make the drawing with less grief. I decided that, instead of making the outli
ne directly, I would draw out the general shape of each body part first. I started with a simple oval for the head and two smaller ones for the ears. I made the hairline simply by drawing triangles across the
center of the face and shading in the space. The most difficult part of drawing the head was drawing the face. I was originally going to go down a more realistic route with its design, but settled on a more cartoon like appearance. Instead of trying to draw a real mouth, I just used a simple line angled into a frown. The simple design got me through the project painlessly and I had more pride in the drawing rather than
the three dimensional model. My original idea for the three dimensional design was to use crumpled up pieces of paper to spell my name. The problem was a lack of lines while mostly being made up of points. The second and final attempt was made out of black pipe cleaners shaped like a thought bubble on my notebook.

Notepad Paper, Pipe Cleaners, Pen, Ink
8″x 11″
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