Self Portrait Write Up

self-portrait-page-001        self portrait-page-001

I’ve never really been very proficient at art before. I used to try improving as a child but never really could get used to it. Now, almost all of my work will be based around the skill that has haunted me for years. Of course the assignment had to be a drawing of something I hate talking about, myself. I never enjoyed speaking about myself to anyone, drawing myself just makes me feel self-centered. My plan for this project was rather simple, to use a picture of myself that wasn’t too difficult to draw. I settled with a picture I had from my days in high school that looked similar to my current appearance. Below is what I attempted to duplicate (on the right). The sketch took me about three practice drawings (each taking me thirty minutes) and one final copy that took an hour. The easiest part was the shape of the hair, I just referenced the picture by holding them side to side. From there I traced down the side of the ear and down towards the chin. After I finished my attempt on the head shape, I moved on to the face. I started on the eyebrows thinking that they would be the easiest thing to draw, and that they would frame the eyes for me. I moved onto the nose, which was butchered, and went for the eyes right after. The eyes were a bit irritating to plan out due to the fact that they were only partially open and were shrouded by the lashes. The hardest part of the face however was easily the mouth. I went through five different attempts solely because of the mouth and it still came out as an arrogant smirk rather then the blank look I had gone for. The last bit was the body, which I feel could have been better if I had done that before the face. The last bit was my headphones, which didn’t come out as badly as I thought they would.

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