Asset Design for Sweet Swords VR

Sound Design/editing-

Made with the Assistance of Kasey Hall, Dereke Winsor, Tyler Sudyn and Aidan Wilson

Health Bar-

Also worked on the sound editing for the VR Horror/Puzzle game.

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Art Walk Gallery Write-Up

The Art Walk hosted on both Alfred State and Alfred University had left me with an odd feeling of hope. I had gone through several of the exhibits feeling very ill, sleep deprived and generally rather upset, expecting the sour mood to infect my writing. My fears were short lived, since seeing most of the pieces I had seen on the Art Walk had been rather rejuvenating. The biggest thing that caught my eye is that many of the works that I saw had taken everyday objects that had been immortalized as someone’s artwork. For instance, at the Cohen Gallery, Desiree Des had created a set titled “Real Lookers”. In this, there are simple homemade objects such as water glasses, curtains and even smiley face French fries printed onto platters or sewn into the rugs. The idea of immortalizing every day objects left me with a feeling of inexplicable happiness. In the Ceramics Museum, various artists submitted to a selection of Chinese Folk Pottery. Most of the pottery are based on designs used by every day citizens for various tasks, whether it be carrying water or storing food. Gallery 2 Gifts of Distinction had easily one of my favorite pieces I have ever seen. It was a simple statuette with the head replaced by a set of plyers. Never had I seen such a silly but amazing figurine in a gallery, and it left me wondering why? Another usage of every day objects was a simple rack of spoons all lined up and sorted. This whole idea is like having a “zero to hero” mentality, being able to make something average or below average into something grand.

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Test Project for Production I

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Mine Barrage

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 4.28.53 PM.png

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Substance Painter- Nuclear Doll

This gallery contains 2 photos.

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Digital Photography: Color


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Robot Rook Chess Piece

The Rook Chess piece designed as a small servant robot.

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